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Fix policy issues

View screenshots of your policy issues

To help you determine what to fix when you have a policy issue, you can view screenshots of the policy issue in the Policy centre. Screenshots highlight specific examples of policy issues found on your pages and can help you to better identify and resolve these issues.

Currently, only some policy issues are eligible for screenshots.

How to view screenshots

To find out if an issue in your Policy centre has screenshots:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Policy centre.
  3. Click Fix in the 'Action' column of the site with the issue. This will take you to the 'Issue details' page where you’ll see a 'Screenshots' column if there are screenshots available for your issue.
  4. To view a screenshot, click Choose image in the 'Screenshots' column.

Note that screenshots may not show every issue, so check your entire page to make sure that it follows our policies. Some policy issues won't have an associated screenshot.

Understanding policy issues with screenshots

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