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About ad intent links

Ad intent links are hyperlinks that AdSense generates by converting the existing text in your page’s main content (for example, an article) where you have products or other commercial opportunities mentioned. When clicked, the links open a dialogue that shows users ads related to your content, helping increase your earnings.

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How ad intent links work

AdSense automatically converts text into ad intent links on your pages where we can detect eligible content. When a user clicks on an ad intent link, a dialogue opens with a number of ads which are relevant to the link that the user clicked.

  • Ad intent links only appear in your body content, not in titles, headlines or descriptions.
  • You don't need to update the links yourself, they update automatically with the latest available products.
  • Ad intent links don't affect your existing ads.


Do I have to use ad intent anchors to use ad intent links?

No. While ad intent links and ad intent anchors work best together, you can use either ad intent by itself.

How many ad intent links will AdSense place per page?

While the number of ad intent links per page will depend on your content, we take steps to maintain a good user experience. This includes limiting the number of links per your page's word count and avoiding having multiple, duplicate links close to each other.

Can I prevent ad intent links from appearing in certain regions on my page?

Yes. Google tries to avoid placing ad intent links in regions like headers and menus, but you can use the google-anno-skip class to exclude ad intent links from other areas of your page.


This example shows you how to prevent all of the elements inside a specific div on your page from showing ad intent links:

<div class="my-class-1 my-class-2 google-anno-skip">
  <p>Google Pixel 6.</p>
  <p>Pixel 6 is Google's most successful smartphone launch yet.</p>

Google won't place ad intent links anywhere inside the div, even if there's an eligible product mention like 'Pixel 6'.

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