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About the Top pages report

The Top pages report shows you the monetisation performance of your most popular pages. Your top pages are the pages that have received the most queries in the last 30 days.

  • Pages need to receive a minimum number of impressions to be eligible for this report.
  • Combining this report with some breakdowns might cause some of your traffic to be filtered out. For example, if you run a Top pages report for the last seven days it will show a row for each page that received enough impressions. If you then add a country breakdown, the report will only show a row for each page that received enough impressions in a specific country.
  • This report doesn't have an 'All' row in their table of data. This is because not all pages may have enough impressions to be eligible.
  • This report is only available for AdSense for content.

View the Top pages report

Visit your Reports page, then click Top pages in the list of reports.

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