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European regulations messages

Create a European regulations message

After you add your sites to AdSense, complete the following steps to create the European regulations message that you want to display to the eligible EEA (European Economic Area) and UK (United Kingdom) users of your sites.
Note: Make sure you've placed the AdSense code on your site.
  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Privacy & messaging.
  3. Create a new message. On the European regulations message type card:

    • Click Create if this is your first European regulations message.
    • Click Manage if you've previously created an European regulations message. Then, click Create message.
  4. Select the sites in which this message will be displayed:
    1. Click Select sites.
    2. Select the desired sites.
    3. Click Confirm
  5. Select the languages in which this message will be displayed:
    1. Default language: The message is shown in the default language when the user’s device language cannot be determined, or when the user’s device language doesn't adequately match the selected “Additional languages.”
    2. Additional languages: The message can be shown to users in any of the “Additional languages” that match the user’s device language. Languages you select here should match the languages in which your site is available. You can edit the message text for each of the "Additional languages."
      If you select “Dutch” in the “Additional languages” field, a user whose device language is set to Dutch will be shown the Dutch version of the European regulations message.
  6.  In the “User choices” section, make a decision for the Do not consent option. If turned on, this message presents your users with a choice to not consent to your ad partners and your ad partners’ purposes with a single click on the first page of the message.
    Note: To provide a good experience for your visitors, the consent message won't appear on your privacy policy page. 
  7. (Optional) Turn on the Close (do not consent) option to add a close icon to your message. Users can click the close icon to dismiss the message and decline consent to your ad partners and their purposes.
  8. In the "Message name" field, enter a descriptive message name that will help you identify the message later. The name is shown only in the Privacy & messaging page and won't be visible to users.
  9. (Optional) Edit and format the message to match your editorial and visual standards.
    If the message will be shown in more than one language, review the message in all of the selected languages before publishing.
  10. Enter your site's privacy policy URL.
  11. When you’re ready, click Publish. Or, click Save draft to save a draft of the message and exit the message builder without publishing.
Note: European regulations messages in AdSense don't support Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

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