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Learn more about the new AdMob rewarded ads


  1. Why do my house ads have a low fill rate?

    Your mediation settings tell AdMob how to choose between the AdMob Network, third-party ad networks, and house ad campaigns. The eCPM value determines the order of the ad network to serve ads, with the highest eCPM value served first. That means, if AdMob network or another ad network has a higher eCPM value with 100% or close to 100% fill rate, then the other ad sources including house ad campaigns will be served less often.

    If you want to serve more house ad impressions to your house ad campaigns, try the following workaround:

    1. Set up an eCPM Floor for AdMob network with a reasonably high eCPM value.
    2. Set up a house ad campaign with the second highest eCPM value.
    3. Set the AdMob network eCPM value with the next highest eCPM value.

    What this accomplishes is that AdMob network will first serve only ads that pay at least the eCPM floor value. Over time, this set up will maintain or increase AdMob network's eCPM value while the fill rate is likely to decrease, allowing the next ad source in mediation (in this case, house ad campaigns) to serve ads.

  2. How do I delete AdMob Network from mediation?


    Currently, you cannot delete AdMob Network from the mediation stack. If you don't want AdMob Network to fill your ad requests, you can set a low eCPM value (e.g. 0.01).


    AdMob Beta

    Currently, you cannot delete the AdMob Network (default) mediation group.

  3. My house ads aren't working

    If you updated from legacy AdMob and your house ads aren't working, it is likely that you're still using legacy IDs in your apps. In order for house ads to work, you need to update your apps to use the new ad unit IDs.

  4. How does the AdMob Network eCPM floor work?

    When you set an AdMob Network eCPM floor value, the AdMob Network will return ads only if the per-impression eCPM is above the floor value that you set. If the per-impression eCPM does not meet the floor value, the request will not be filled by the AdMob Network and mediation will continue as normal.

  5. How does eCPM floor work with other ad networks during mediation?

    The AdMob Network will continue to make requests in the order of the highest eCPM to lowest eCPM. The eCPM floor only applies to the AdMob Network. For all other ad network line items, provide a manual eCPM or optimize the ad networks to adjust their own eCPMs.


  1. Which third-party ad networks support optimization?

  2. How does AdMob obtain data from third-party ad networks?

    This varies for each ad network, but we either use APIs or screen-scraping to access the data. There are some ad networks that don't permit either of these methods, so they won't be included as part of this feature at this time.

  3. Do I need to update the SDK to use ad network optimization?

    No, but we always recommend that you update to the latest SDK.

  4. How often does AdMob pull the data from the ad networks?


    This content applies to the previous version of AdMob


    AdMob looks at the CPM data from the ad network on a frequent basis to ensure we're using the freshest CPM possible. This can vary for each network because some APIs set limits on the frequency by which the data can be accessed. In the UI, we show when we last retrieved the CPM for each network.

  5. What data does AdMob look at to determine the CPM?

    AdMob looks at the reporting data from each ad network for each ad unit based on the platform and country (if available). AdMob collects data daily and updates the mediation stack whenever there's new information from the ad network.

  6. Does the AdMob Network bid alongside other networks in the mediation stack?


    This content applies to the previous version of AdMob


    Yes, you can opt into this feature during the beta. It allows AdMob to bid on each impression alongside the other ad networks in the mediation stack. When the AdMob Network can serve an ad at a greater CPM than another ad network, it will.

  7. Can I mix and match optimization, manual eCPM, and floor across different ad networks?

    Yes, it's possible to use different combinations of optimization, manual eCPM, and AdMob Network floors across ad networks in the same mediation group.

    Note: Some ad networks may not support optimization, and setting a floor is only available for the AdMob Network. 


    Previous version of AdMob

    Yes, it's possible to use both methods to allocate CPMs in the mediation stack. Some ad networks can have ad network optimization enabled while others are manually updated.


  8. What happens if AdMob can't retrieve the eCPM data from an ad network?

    If AdMob can't obtain the eCPM data from an ad network for more than seven days, the user interface will show an alert message to let you know that there's an issue. AdMob will continue to use the last eCPM for that ad network. 

  9. What's the difference between optimizing AdMob Network and using AdMob eCPM Floor Beta?



    When you optimize AdMob Network, you allow AdMob Network to bid alongside the other ad networks on a per-impression basis. On the other hand, adding an AdMob eCPM floor to the mediation stack allows publishers to set a minimum CPM for an ad request. If AdMob cannot meet the minim CPM, then no ad is served and the request is sent to the next ad network. You cannot optimize AdMob Network while using AdMob eCPM Floor. You must disable one to enable the other.

    For example, suppose the CPM is set to $0.40 and the next ad network is at $0.30. By optimizing the AdMob Network, AdMob will serve an ad from AdMob Network if it's $0.31 or higher. With AdMob eCPM Floor, AdMob would simply pass the ad request on to the next ad network in the mediation stack at $0.30.

    In some cases, a publisher may prefer to use an eCPM floor alone.


    AdMob Beta


    When you optimize the AdMob Network, you allow the AdMob Network to bid alongside the third-party ad networks in the same mediation group on a per-impression basis.

    On the other hand, adding an AdMob eCPM floor to the AdMob Network call in a mediation group allows you to set a minimum eCPM for ad requests. The eCPM for the AdMob Network can't be lower than the floor.