Ad sources that support Open Bidding (Beta)

This feature is currently in beta release to a limited group of publishers.

Review the table below for details about the ad sources that support Open Bidding.

Note: You must have a partnership with the Open Bidding ad source before it can accept ad requests from your AdMob account. In many cases, this is as simple as creating an account on the ad source's home page.

All ad sources require a contractual relationship in place before they can accept Open Bidding ad requests. Use the table below to find contact information for all Open Bidding ad sources. 

Open Beta ad sources: Available to all Open Bidding beta publishers

To use one or more of the ad sources below, you’ll first need to set up a partnership with the ad source. Then, add the ad source to your mediation group and start Open bidding. 

Note that ad sources can choose whether to bid on your ad request based on their own understanding of the inventory. This means that ad sources may not place any bids on traffic they are not interested in. Contact the ad source for further guidance on the ad source’s performance in Open Bidding. 

Ad source Third-party SDK required Partnership information Additional information
AppLovin Yes Sign up for an AppLovin account. Please contact your AppLovin Account Manager or reach out to AppLovin Support.
Facebook Yes Sign up for a Facebook Audience Network account. Use the link at the bottom of the FAN Monetization Manager UI page.
Liftoff No Fill out this form. (No confirmation from Liftoff is required) Please reach out to for additional information.
PubMatic No Fill out this form. You’ll receive a confirmation email from PubMatic within 72 hours. PubMatic will make a bid only to publishers that they’ve confirmed. Please reply to the confirmation email for additional information. 

Closed Beta ad sources: Additional steps required before activating

Note: The following Open Bidding ad sources are currently available only to a limited group of Beta publishers upon Google Account Manager’s approval.

To use one of the ad sources below, you’ll need to set up a partnership with the ad source and be approved by Google. Setting up a partnership can be as simple as creating an account on the ad source's home page. Contact your Google account manager for more details. 

Ad source Third-party SDK required
Aarki No
AdColony Yes
Fluct No
Index Exchange No
OpenX No
Rubicon Project No
Smaato No
Tapjoy Yes
Triplelift No
UnrulyX No
Learn more about the ad sources available for Open Bidding and their requirements in the Google Developers guide for Android and iOS.

How can I use Open Bidding?

Open Bidding is covered by our App Platform Feature Policy. Before enabling Open Bidding, review the AdMob behavioral policies.

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