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Understanding app-ads.txt file statuses

You can view the status and details of the app-ads.txt file for all of your apps in AdMob:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Apps in the sidebar.
  3. Click View all apps.
  4. Click the app-ads.txt tab.The AdMob interface showing tabs for app-ads.txt

The table below shows the different types of app-ads.txt file statuses and what they mean.

Status What it means
Green circle icon The app-ads.txt file is found and verified. AdMob crawled and verified your app-ads.txt file. 
Gray circle icon No app-ads.txt file is found for this app. 
Red exclamation point icon

There is an issue with your app-ads.txt file. Your revenue is at risk


To expand additional details about an app, click Down Arrowin the app’s row. If your file isn’t found and verified, carefully review these details to determine what the issue is and how to fix it. Learn more about troubleshooting app-ads.txt issues.  The AdMob interface showing expanded details for app-ads.txt in app settings

App-ads.txt glossary 

The table below defines the other details for your app’s app-ads.txt file and what they mean.

Detail What it means
Status Lets you know visually the status of each app’s app-ads.txt file. 
app-ads.txt URL AdMob uses this URL to locate and crawl your app-ads.txt file. It's based on the domain associated with your app in Google Play or the App Store. For example,
  • If AdMob found an app-ads.txt file that can be used to enforce authorized seller preferences for the app, the full hyperlinked URL used for enforcement is shown.

  • If AdMob didn’t find your app-ads.txt file, the domain (or subdomain) associated with your app in Google Play or the App Store is shown instead of a URL. 

  • If nothing is shown, there is no domain associated with your app in Google Play or the App Store, or we have not yet detected recent changes in that store listing. 

App and ID Your app and its associated ID. For Android apps, it’s the application ID. For iOS apps, it’s the bundle ID. IDs are found via serving and matched to Google Play or the App Store.
Last crawled Lets you know when AdMob last crawled for your app-ads.txt file.
Queries - last 7 days The number of ad queries received from this app over the last 7 days. 
Store The app store where your app is available for download.
Status details

Lets you know additional details about the status of each app’s app-ads.txt file:

  • The app-ads.txt file is found and verified.

  • No app-ads.txt file found.

  • The app-ads.txt file is found, but the publisher ID is missing. If your publisher ID is missing, you’ll need to update the file by the deadline shown to avoid unintentional loss in ad revenue.

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