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Updates to your Mediation report

15 January 2020

AdMob is constantly working on improving our Mediation reporting, and there are two upcoming changes to note:

  1. AdMob recently changed how it reports estimated earnings to improve the accuracy of estimated earnings for optimized third-party ad networks.

    AdMob will begin estimating earnings proportionally based on the number of impressions each ad unit receives. This change eliminates double counting revenue when ad unit mapping is reused across multiple ad units.  

    AdMob will estimate your optimized third-party revenue for each ad unit using the following formula:

    Ad unit 1 est. earnings = Earnings reported by optimized third party ad network / (Total number of impressions for all ad units that use the same mapping information) * Number of impressions for Ad unit 1

    For example,  Ad unit 1 and Ad unit 2 use the same mapping information, and have 100 and 900 impressions respectively. In the past, AdMob reported earnings for both ad units as $2000 as follows:

    Ad unit Impressions Estimated earnings (old)
    Ad unit 1 100 $2000
    Ad unit 2 900 $2000
    Total 1000 $4000

    With this change, AdMob estimates the earnings for each ad unit proportionately. For example, ad unit 1 has $200 while ad unit 2 has $1800 of earnings, which avoids double counting revenue. 

    Ad unit Impressions Estimated earnings (new)
    Ad unit 1 100 $200 = ($2000/(100 +900) * 100)
    Ad unit 2 900 $1800 = ($2000/(100 + 900) * 900)
    Total 1000 $2000
    Note: As a result of this change, you may see a decrease in third-party estimated earnings on your Mediation report beginning October 20, 2019. The decrease is due to removing any revenue that has been double counted in your AdMob Mediation report.
  2. AdMob will also begin reporting estimated earnings and eCPM at a mediation group and ad source instance level. You can view your estimated earnings and eCPM per mediation group and per ad source instance level dating back to October 20, 2019. Note that if you view a report prior to October 20, 2019, your third-party estimated earnings will show $0. However, bidding ad sources may show data prior to October 20, 2019.

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