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Validate rewarded ad views with server-side verification

Server-side verification (SSV) acts as an additional layer of validation for rewarded ad views in your app. It's performed in addition to the standard client-side callback.

You can use server-side verification to validate each completed rewarded ad view to ensure you're only rewarding users who have actually finished watching the video in your app. Each time a user finishes viewing a rewarded ad, AdMob uses the callback URL you provide when you set up an ad unit to validate the view.

Learn more about SSV on the Google Developers site (Android, iOS, Unity).

Set up and test server-side verification

Complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Apps in the sidebar.
  3. Select the name of your app. If you don't see it in the list of recent apps, you can click View all apps to search a list of all of the apps you've added to AdMob.
  4. Click Ad units in the sidebar.
  5. For new ad units, follow the instructions in Create a rewarded ad unit. For existing ad units, click the name of the ad unit. 
  6. Click Advanced settings
  7. Click Set up callback URL beside server-side verification. 
  8. Complete the server-side verification settings:
    • Callback URL: The full URL you want AdMob to send to you when a user has finished viewing a rewarded ad (for example,
    • User ID (optional): This is used for testing only. The user ID is a unique identifier given to each user, which lets you know who to reward upon successful ad completion. To use, set the user_id parameter in the SDK.
    • Custom data (optional): This is used for testing only. Custom data is received in the callback after a user’s successful ad completion. For example, you can include a parameter to know which level the user is on. To use, set the custom_data parameter in the SDK. 
  9. Click Verify URL
    You must verify the URL before you can finish setting up SSV. 
  10. Click Use verified URL

Troubleshoot SSV errors 

If the URL came back with an error, review the error message andensure that you’ve followed the instructions on the Google Developers site for setting up SSV (Android, iOS, Unity).

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