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Identify the source of an ad found in image search

This information is for AdMob users only. AdMob is a mobile app advertising platform for app developers. If you don't have an AdMob account, we recommend you:

This article explains the options available to block ads based on the ad source of ads found using image search in the Ad review center. It also details the image requirements to identify the ad source.

Sources types

Ad Exchange

To block ads from this source type, click Block to block this ad match instance. You can also view more details about the ad match, including what network served the ad, by clicking on the ad in the results.

Bidding ad source

To block ads from this source type, click on the ad in the ad match results to find what bidding ad source provided the ad. Contact the bidding ad source directly to take action.

Supported bidding ad sources

Only the following bidding ad sources can be identified with image search in the Ad review center:

  • Meta Audience Network
  • Any bidding ad source that renders using the Google Mobile Ads SDK (Android, iOS)


You can't block ads from campaigns in the Ad review center.

Image requirements to identify the ad source

You must upload an original PNG (not converted from another file format) if you want to identify matches from bidding ad sources. Don't modify the screenshot after it was taken. However, you can crop the screenshot to the ad as long as the entire ad is still visible.

Learn more about screenshots taken on Android and iOS devices

Screenshots taken on Android devices are automatically saved as PNG.

For screenshots taken on iOS devices, use the following steps to save as a PNG:

  1. Take a screenshot. 
  2. Click Save to photos
  3. Open the Photos app and click on the screenshot. 
  4. On the screenshot, click Share.
  5. Select the mail app. 
  6. Send the image to yourself and select Actual Size for the image size, which will send the image as a PNG. Sending sizes other than Actual Size will send as JPG.

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