View changes to your account (Beta)

This feature is currently in beta release to a limited group of publishers.

Change history provides you with an overview of historical changes to your account. It includes details such as when and where the change was made and who made it.    

Change history can help you troubleshoot anomalies in your account. For example, if you noticed a drop in revenue on a certain date, you can search for changes made to your account around that date to see what may have caused the drop. 

To see your account’s change history:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Change history in the sidebar.

Change details

Change history includes app-level and account-level changes. For all changes, the following details are available:

  • The date and time the change was made.
  • The item that changed. If the item is hyperlinked, you can click to see where the change was made. For example, if you changed the ad type on an ad unit, the link will take you to the ad unit that was changed. 
  • The type of change. For example, “Added app."
  • The user who made the change. Learn more.

Click Down Arrow to expand more details about the changes, including a list of all affected items and a detailed description of the changes. 

Finding changes

To locate a change, type an item or change into the search bar. You can also apply a filter to search for specific changes.

Date range filter

The date filter helps you narrow the range of changes in change history. You can select an explicit date using the calendar, or select a relative date, such as “Today” or “Last 7 days”. This filter is applied by default, but you can edit the filter to change the default settings.

To make changes to the date filter:

  1. Click the date filter in the Filter area at the top of your report.
  2. Select a relative date range from the list or specify an exact date range using the calendar.
  3. Click Apply

Item type filter 

The item type filter helps you narrow the types of items that were changed. To filter on an item type:

  1. Click Add filter.
  2. Select one or more of the following item types:
    1. Ad unit 
    2. App 
    3. Blocking controls
    4. Mediation group 
  3. Click Apply

Supported changes

The following lists the changes that are supported in Change History.

Ad unit changes

  • Added ad unit
  • Removed ad unit
  • Changed ad type
  • Changed country-level eCPM
  • Changed default eCPM
  • Changed frequency cap
  • Changed refresh rate

App changes

  • Added app
  • Changed frequency cap
  • Blocked app
  • Allowed app
  • Blocked general category
  • Allowed general category
  • Allowed sensitive category
  • Blocked URL
  • Allowed URL
  • Changed ad content rating

Blocking controls

  • Allowed ad network
  • Blocked ad network
  • Updated blocking control preference for ad network
  • Blocked app
  • Allowed app
  • Enabled ad review center
  • Disabled ad review center
  • Blocked general category
  • Allowed general category
  • Allowed sensitive category
  • Blocked sensitive category
  • Blocked URL
  • Allowed URL
  • Changed ad content rating

Mediation group changes

  • Added mediation group
  • Removed mediation group
  • Enabled mediation group
  • Disabled mediation group
  • Added targeted country to group
  • Removed targeted country from group
  • Added excluded country to group
  • Removed excluded country from group
  • Added targeted ad unit to group
  • Removed targeted ad unit from group
  • Added ad source instance
  • Removed ad source instance
  • Changed ad source instance eCPM 
  • Changed mediation group priorityNEW
Note: Changes to the following will not be listed in change history:
  • Account settings
  • Campaigns
  • Payments
  • Policy center

AdMob is constantly working on improving change history. This means that you can expect new changes to be added to change history over time. Note that new changes only affect events that occur after they've been added to change history - they're not retroactive. For example, if a new change is added on March 31, 2020, you won't see instances of that change in your account prior to March 31, 2020. 


The user column lets you know which one of the following users made the change:

  • You
  • Authorized user. A user that you’ve authorized to access your account. Also note that if you previously used but no longer use a Multiple Customer Management (MCM) partner, they will appear as an authorized user in the change history. 
  • User at [MCM partner company]. This will only appear if you're in an MCM agreement
  • Google. This means that an AdMob representative made the change. 
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