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Finalise your upgrade to the newest version of AdMob

18 June 2018

As of today, all AdMob accounts using the previous version of AdMob have been automatically upgraded to the newest version.

Finalising your upgrade

Now that your account’s been upgraded, you have seven days to review your new mediation setup and make adjustments. You need to finalise your upgrade by 25 June. 

During the seven-day review period, you can return to the previous version of AdMob and upgrade again anytime you want. Your upgrade won't be finalised until you click the Finish upgrade button. After your upgrade is finalised, you won’t be able to go back to the previous version of AdMob.

Upgrade deadline

On 25 June, your account upgrade will be finalised automatically, even if you haven't clicked the Finish upgrade button. 

After 25 June, you'll no longer be able to return to the previous version of AdMob.

More about the newest version of AdMob

The new version of AdMob was designed to be app-centric. This means that everything revolves around your apps, including the new navigation structure, ad unit creation, dashboards and mediation.

When you upgrade your AdMob account, you'll gain access to exclusive improvements and new features:

  • App-focused navigation: Your apps are the reason you use AdMob. So we've reorganised the AdMob user interface to make it easier to manage your apps. Everything you need is within a few clicks. 
  • Dashboards: We’ve created new dashboards to help you understand the overall health of your app ecosystem. Dashboards aren’t meant to replace reports but work alongside them to give you a full view of your app usage and estimated earnings.
  • Closer integration with Google Analytics for Firebase: AdMob surfaces data from Google Analytics for Firebase in the app overview dashboard, so you don't have to leave AdMob to review your user metrics.
  • Mediation groups: We've redesigned the mediation experience to try and help you earn more using AdMob. Mediation groups let you organise your mediation stack into predefined sets of criteria so that you can easily apply them to your ad units. Create a mediation group once, then add all of the ad units that you want to apply it to.
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