Changes to the Facebook Graph API

26 April 2018

Facebook announced some changes to the Graph API. As a result, the App Access Tokens utilized by the existing reporting API will be deprecated on August 1, 2018 and replaced with new System User Access Tokens.

If you're optimizing the Facebook Audience Network in mediation, you’ll need to take immediate action to continue using the latest available data. Facebook Audience Network will continue to serve ads, but it won’t be optimized if you don't update the credentials.

To update your AdMob account:

  1. Generate new System User Access Tokens to replace your existing App Access Tokens. You can find the steps to do this on the Google Developers site:
  2. Retrieve the Facebook App IDs for your apps. You can find your App IDs from the My Apps page in your Facebook developer account.
  3. Confirm that you have added the System User and apps to the Property in the Facebook Business Manager settings.
  4. Use the System User Access Tokens and Facebook App IDs to update the Facebook Audience Network credentials in the mediation section of your AdMob account.

After you've updated your account, AdMob should begin optimizing Facebook Audience Network in mediation.

Important notes about the System User Access Token

  • When you generate a System User Access Token, Facebook Business Manager requires you to select an app. Selecting any one app will ensure the connection between Facebook Audience Network and all your apps.
  • As a best practice, generate only one System User Access Token for use within AdMob for all of your apps. AdMob can only access reporting data for permissioned apps. 
  • If the Optimized status for the Facebook Audience Network shows an “Error” status in the mediation groups table of your AdMob account after 72 hours, check that you have added the System User and apps to the property in the Facebook Business Manager settings.


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