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Add comparison charts to your reports

You can use a comparison chart to compare a single metric across all your apps, ad units, ad formats, or the countries your users are in.

Each comparison chart can display up to six lines. The first five lines represent the top 5 items within the selected comparison dimension. The sixth line represents the total of all other items within the dimension.

The meaning of each line is displayed in the legend below the chart. Hover over the lines to view the values they represent.

Comparison chart settings

The settings selected for a comparison chart are displayed in the title and drop-down menu labels. They represent the dimensions and metrics used to organize the data in the chart. 

  • Comparison metric: The metric used to create the chart before converting it into a comparison chart. To edit the comparison metric, click More and select Edit chart. The available comparison metrics are displayed in the drop-down menu for Metric 1
  • Comparison dimension: The dimension used to divide the data in the chart, represented by multicolored lines that correspond to the legend at the bottom of the chart
  • Sort order: The order the data in the chart is presented in; currently "Top" is the only option and is selected by default
  • Sort metric: The value being measured, represented by the points on the lines and the numbers on the left side of the chart


Compare impression RPM from ad units with the highest estimated earnings

Create a chart that compares the impression RPM from ad units with the highest estimated earnings. See what ad units are likely to generate the most revenue.

Impression RPM: Revenue per 1000 impressions (RPM); the estimated earnings accrued for every 1000 impressions an ad receives.


  • Comparison metric: Impressions
  • Comparison dimension: Ad unit
  • Sort order: Top
  • Sort metric: Impression RPM


Compare estimated earnings from countries with the highest estimated earnings

Create a chart that compares the estimated earnings from the various countries your apps are used in. See where your apps are most profitable.


  • Comparison metric: Estimated earnings
  • Comparison dimension: Country
  • Sort order: Top
  • Sort metric: Estimated earnings


Compare impressions from ad sources with the most impressions

Create a chart that compares the impressions from the ad sources that generate the most impressions. See which ad source is seen the most by your users. The Ad sources dimension is only available in the Mediation report and saved reports created from it.


  • Comparison metric: Impressions
  • Comparison dimension: Ad source
  • Sort order: Top
  • Sort metric: Impressions


Compare impression CTR from apps with the most impressions

Create a chart that compares the impression CTR from your apps that generate the most impressions. See which of your apps has the highest click-through rate.

Impressions CTR: Click-through rate (CTR); the number of times users click on ads shown on your app divided by the number of times ads are shown on your app.


  • Comparison metric: Impression CTR
  • Comparison dimension: App
  • Sort order: Top
  • Sort metric: Impressions


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