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Manage your reports

You can find all of your AdMob reports on the Reports page in your AdMob account. To access the Reports page, sign in to AdMob, then click Reports in the sidebar.

Using the default reports

At the top of the Reports page, you’ll find buttons linking to the default reports provided by AdMob. 

Designed as insightful standalone reports, you can also use them as templates to start your own saved reports. Both default reports can be customized by selecting different metrics, dimensions, and filters, then save them as new reports.

Using your reporting library

The lower half of the Reports page contains your reporting library, a list of all the customized reports you’ve saved or that have been shared with you by other members of your AdMob account. You can click the column headers to sort the reports in the list. Click the name of a report to view it, or click More beside a report to view more options.

If you’re a member of a multi-user AdMob account, the reports you save will be added to the reporting libraries of all members of the account. Learn more


The reporting library won’t be generated until you've saved your first report or had one shared with you.

Column meanings

The columns in the reporting library give you more information about each of your saved reports and the saved reports that have been shared with you by other members of your AdMob account.

  • Reports: Contains the names of the reports in the reporting library.
  • Type: Indicates which default report the customized report is based off of (e.g., AdMob Network report, Mediation report). These reports have unique sets of metrics and dimensions, so you may need to consider the type before using an existing saved report as a template for a new report.
  • Date created: Records the date on which the report was created and saved to the reporting library.
  • Last modified: Records the last date on which changes were made to a saved report.

Report options

For each report in the list, you can click More to access the following options:

  • Download CSV: Download the report as a .CSV file to use it outside of AdMob.
  • Save as: Save a copy of the report to start a new saved report.
  • Rename: Rename the report everywhere it appears in AdMob, including the reporting library.
  • Delete: Delete the report from everywhere it appear in AdMob, including your reporting library. The report will no longer be accessible or recoverable. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.
If you’re a member of a multi-user AdMob account, the reports you delete will be deleted from the reporting libraries of all members of the account. Learn more
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