Video ads

Video ads are ads that display embedded, clickable or tappable video content. They allow users to watch a video embedded in an ad inside of an app before navigating to the relevant app store to install the app being promoted.

Video ads auto-play over WiFi, or users can tap the ad to play the video when WiFi isn't available. To ensure the best user experience, YouTube will automatically adjust the video quality, based on the speed of a user's connection.

Note: Video ads are only available if you're advertising an app on the Google Play store or on the App Store.

Ads must comply with AdMob policies.

Video ad fields


Currently, only YouTube videos are supported.

  • Ad name: Enter a name for the ad, up to 25 characters.
  • App: Use the search box to find the app the ad will promote.
  • Destination URL: Enter the URL that AdMob will direct users to when they tap the ad. This URL is not visible in the ad.
  • Video URL: Enter the URL of the video you want to show in the ad. You can review the automatically generated video preview to ensure the right video is being linked. Please note the following:
    • YouTube videos that don’t allow embedding can still be shown in video ads.
    • Video ads respect video privacy settings. YouTube videos set to Private cannot be shown in video ads. Only Public and Unlisted videos can be shown.
    • A static end card will be shown if a video fails to load for any reason. Example: video is country-restricted
  • Headline: Enter the message that you want users to see, up to 25 characters.
  • Description: Enter a description of the app being promoted, up to 70 characters.
  • Included info: This field is auto-populated. It contains additional information, such as price and ratings (if available) from the relevant app store that we use to enhance this ad.
    • Price in the ad preview is based on the default currency and will be adjusted to the currency based on user location.
    • Ratings are shown only when they are greater than four stars and the number of reviews is over 100.
Videos displayed in rewarded ad units must be shorter than 30 seconds.
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