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Edit a conversion

Conversions can no longer be created in AdMob. The Conversions table will continue to display a read-only list of the conversions you’ve created in AdMob and Google Ads. 

Going forward, all conversions should be created in Google Ads and tracked using the Firebase SDK. If you’re setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads for the first time, follow the instructions to track conversions with Firebase.


Complete the steps to edit an existing conversion.

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Campaigns in the sidebar.
  3. Click the Conversions tab.
  4. Click the name of the conversion you want to edit.
  5. Make the desired changes to the conversion fields.
    A conversion's status/type can't be adjusted by editing the conversion. Instead, it can be changed in the Status column of the Conversions table.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to implement the updated code snippet in your app, if required.
    You must update your app if you change the conversion value.
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