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Understand campaign status

Your campaign’s status lets you know whether your campaigns are running or not. Check the Status column to see if your campaigns are running as you'd expect, or address any issues that may be holding up your campaign. 

Example of the "Campaigns" section of AdMob

The table below shows the different types of campaign statuses and what they mean.

Status What it means
This campaign is active and eligible to show ads.
This campaign is not serving ads because you paused it. Pausing a campaign means that your ads don't show or accumulate new clicks until resumed.
This campaign is not serving ads because you removed it. Removing a campaign means that ads don't show or accumulate new clicks.

This campaign hasn’t started yet. The campaign’s start date is a future date.

The campaign has ended. The campaign’s end date has passed.

The campaign has expired because the campaign's been inactive for more than 18 months. Expired campaigns can only be removed and can't be restarted.
This campaign is not running and there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Problems can be the following:
  • The campaign has no ad units.
  • The campaign has no ads.
  • The campaign has ads that are disapproved. Ads within a campaign must conform to Google platform policies. Learn more about Google Ads policies.
Click the heading of the Status column to sort your campaigns by status.

Change a campaign status

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Campaigns in the sidebar.
  3. Check the checkbox next to the campaign with the status you want to change. 
    Note: If you’ve added dimensions from your campaign page, click Restore defaults in order to select a campaign. 
  4. Click Change status to select one of the following campaign statuses:
    • Enable: Selecting this status will enable the campaign to run.
    • Pause: Selecting this status will pause the campaign.
    • Remove: Selecting this status will remove the campaign from your account.

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