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Text ads

All online ads are essentially clickable messages that connect customers with a URL.

Text ads, the simplest version of a clickable message, contain three components: a destination URL, a headline, and a description. Let's look at the components of the sample ad below:

Advertise with Google Headline
Want fast results? Description
Create your ad campaign today!  

Text ads in AdMob must meet the following length requirements:

  Example ad Max Length
(most languages)
Max Length
(double-width* languages)
Headline: Example App 25 characters 12 characters
Ad text line 1: Summer sale 35 characters 17 characters
Ad text line 2: Save 15% 35 characters 17 characters

Ads must comply with Google Ads policies.

Text ad fields

Promote an app
  • App: Use the search box to find the app the ad will promote.
  • Ad name: Enter a name for the ad, up to 25 characters.
  • Destination URL: Enter the URL that AdMob will direct users to when they click the ad. This URL is not visible in the ad.
  • Headline: Enter the message that you want users to view, up to 25 characters.
  • Ad text: Enter a description for the app being promoted, up to 35 characters.

Using special characters with your ads

You can write your ads in a number of supported languages. Most non-English characters, including tildes, umlauts, and cedillas, will appear correctly in your ads, including the display URL.

For languages that use double-width characters, like Chinese (simplified or traditional), Japanese, or Korean, your text ads will appear on Google search results the same way that they appear in your account. Keep in mind that your headline, description lines, and display URL should meet our character limits. We recommend you preview your ads to make sure you're satisfied with how they appear.

Learn more about Google Ads policies for character limits, display URLs, destination URLs, and editorial standards.

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