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About secure signals

Secure signals is a processor feature required by bidding ad sources that use a third-party SDK. If your bidding ad source requires secure signals, you’ll be required to accept the Ads Data Processing Terms and accept that secure signals is a processor feature for your AdMob account.

You only need to accept these terms once in an AdMob account. If you’ve never used bidding before, you’ll be prompted to accept the terms when you set up a bidding ad source that requires secure signals. 

Note: If you're currently using bidding sources that require secure signals, you must accept the Ads Data Processing terms by May 31, 2022. Otherwise, AdMob will stop sending secure signals on bid requests from SDK-based ad sources. This may cause bidding sources to not bid or bid lower on your inventory.
To review and accept the terms, sign into your AdMob account and click Review terms in the warning card on your home page.  

 Secure signals for non-personalized ads 

You can choose whether you want to share secure signals with a bidding ad source on non-personalized ad requests. 

When you turn on secure signals for non-personalized ads, secure signals are shared on both personalized and non-personalized ad requests for the selected bidding ad source. 

When you turn off secure signals for non-personalized ads, secure signals are shared on personalized ad requests only. Turning off secure signals for non-personalized ads may result in lower revenue from ad sources. 

By default, the secure signals for non-personalized ads is automatically turned on for the bidding ad sources that require secure signals.

To turn on or off secure signals for non-personalized ads for a select bidding ad source: 

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Mediation in the sidebar.
  3. Click the Bidding sources tab.
  4. Select the ad source you want to change the secure signals settings for. 
  5. In the Settings tab, click the toggle next to secure signals to turn it on or off. 
Note: Some bidding ad sources do not have the option to turn on secure signals (for example, Meta Audience Network) because such ad sources don’t receive non-personalized ad requests. 


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