About app readiness (Beta)

This feature is in beta release to a limited group of publishers.

When you set up a new app in AdMob, your app must be reviewed and approved before it can fully serve ads. This helps us create a clean and safe ads ecosystem for you and your advertisers. It also provides you with a unified, at-a-glance view of all your apps and their approval status with actionable feedback.

In order for your app to be reviewed:

  1. Your app must be published. This means that your app is available to users. 
  2. Your app must be listed in a supported store. This means that your app has a store listing and is available for download from that app store. 
  3. Your app must be set up correctly in AdMob and linked to a supported store. Follow the instructions for how to set up an app in AdMob. If you already set up your app as unpublished, follow the instructions for linking to an app store

When your app is linked to at least one supported store, the review process will automatically begin checking things like the app source and compliance with AdMob policies. These checks help ensure that the apps entering our networks have high inventory quality and bring value to the users and advertisers. 

During the review, apps will experience limited ad serving. Reviews generally take a couple of days, but in some cases we may require more time to evaluate your app. You can check the status of your review and your app’s ad serving in your AdMob account.

Once your app is approved, the ad serving limit is lifted and you’ll be notified via email and in the All apps page of your AdMob account. 

If your app is not approved, you’ll be notified via email and in the All apps page of your AdMob account. Learn more about disapproved apps

Understanding your app’s readiness status 

You can monitor the status of your app’s ad serving and review process:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at https://apps.admob.com.
  2. Click Apps in the sidebar.
  3. Click View All Apps
  4. In the list of apps, find your app and check its status. Use the search bar to search by app name or ID, package name or store ID. 

The table below shows the statuses and what they mean.

Status What it means
Getting ready  We’re reviewing your app. This usually takes a couple of days, but in some cases we may require more time to evaluate your app. 
Requires review Your app hasn’t been reviewed yet. To have it reviewed, you must link your app to a supported app store. You can link a supported store to your app in the All Apps or App settings pages and submit for review. 
Needs attention You need to fix some issues before your app is ready to show ads. To view details about the issues found in your app, go to the Policy center in your AdMob account. Then, click the Disapproved apps tab.

Your app is ready to serve ads. We’ve lifted the ad serving limits put in place during the review. 

Make sure you follow the AdMob program policies and Google Platform policies at all times. If your app receives a policy violation, you’ll be notified of the details via email and in the Policy center of your AdMob account. 

What to do when your app is not ready to serve ads

If your app has been disapproved, you’ll be notified via email and in the All Apps page of your AdMob account. You can find the apps that are not ready to show ads in the Disapproved apps tab in the Policy Center. Disapproved apps will have disabled ad serving, which means that all advertising is blocked on your app. 

Screenshot of the Policy Center with a red box around disapproved apps tab

Click Fix to learn more about the issues found. This will take you to the Issue details page where you’ll see a description of the issue and instructions on how to resolve it.

After you’ve taken the required steps to fix the issue, you may request a review of your app. Click Fix, confirm you’ve made the changes, then click Request review.

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