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Digital content labels

 AdMob uses digital content labels to rate the suitability of ad content for different audiences. These labels are similar to content ratings set by other organizations for movies or video games.

The digital content labels are defined in the following table.

Digital content label Description
G: General audiences Content suitable for all audiences, including families and children.
PG: Parental guidance Content suitable for most audiences with parental guidance, including topics like non-realistic, cartoonish violence.
T: Teen Content suitable for teen and older audiences, including topics such as general health, social networks, scary imagery, and fight sports.
MA: Mature audiences Content suitable only for mature audiences; includes topics such as alcohol, gambling, sexual content, and weapons.

Selecting a given digital content label will not change any general or sensitive category exclusions you’ve applied to your account and will not override applicable legal restrictions. 

For example, if you’ve disabled gambling ads or gambling is not permitted in your country, selecting the Mature (MA) rating does not enable gambling ads.

Digital content labels by app

Both Google Play and the Apple App Store have their own ways of rating and labeling the suitability of content for different age groups. Refer to the following table to decide which digital content label corresponds to your app audience.

Digital content label Google Play (Android) App Store (iOS)
G 3+ 4+
PG 7+ 9+
T 12+ 12+
MA 16+, 18+ 17+


Content ratings in Google Play and the Apple App Store are used to describe the minimum maturity level of content in apps. However, content ratings don't tell you whether an app is designed for users of a specific age.


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