AdMob & AdSense programme policies

Fix policy issues that affect ad serving

Note: We recently redesigned the Policy centre. Learn more about what changed

Use the Policy centre to help you resolve issues quickly and efficiently to minimise the impact to your ad serving. Once you’ve resolved the issue, you may request a review of your app.

Determine the cause of the issue

To begin addressing the issues on your app, click 'Fix' in the Action column. This will take you to the Issue details page, which provides a description of the issue that we found in your app. Read the description carefully to determine what to fix in your app. 

Remember that only policy violations must be fixed. Publisher restrictions aren’t required changes, however content with publisher restrictions receive restricted ad serving. Learn more about types of issues and ad serving statuses

If you’re still having trouble understanding the cause of the issue, refer to the AdMob Help Centre policy section or check out the Google AdMob Help Community.

Tip: Prioritise your issues

If you have many apps with issues, consider using the Policy centre filters to help you prioritise which apps to fix first. For example, you can filter for the apps with the highest number of affected ad requests or filter for all the apps with disabled ad serving, the most severe enforcement. 

You can also filter for all the Must fix issues to help you prioritise. Must fix issues are policy violations that must be addressed. Learn more about using the Policy centre. 

Request a review 

After you've made the required changes for a policy violation and/or the optional changes for a publisher restriction, you may request a review of your app. 

If you’re requesting a review because you’ve fixed issues, make sure that you upload the new version of your app to your respective app store before you request a review.

Note: You must request a review for each app with policy enforcement(s) in your Policy centre for ad serving to continue in that app. 

 To request a review of your app:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Policy centre.
  3. Click Fix next to the app that you’d like to be reviewed. 
  4. In the Issues found section, click Request Review.
  5. Review the information in the dialogue box, then describe the changes that you made to comply with programme policies or explain the reason why you think a violation may not apply.
  6. Tick the box to confirm that you’re ready for a review.
  7. Click Request review

Review status

Check the Status column in the Policy centre for updates about your review. If the status is Under review, your app is being reviewed and a decision hasn’t been made yet. 

If your review is rejected, you’ll be notified via email and in the Issues found section. Review the policy violation details again to ensure that you make the correct changes in your app. Once you’ve re-reviewed the policies and made additional changes, you can request another review. 

If your review is successful, the enforcement will be removed from the Policy centre and you’ll be notified via email.

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