Manage your Ad Exchange account settings

Use the Admin page to view and manage your Ad Exchange account information as well as manage network partner relationships.

Account information

This section displays important information including your Publisher ID, Customer ID and active products (Display, Video, Games, and Applications). Your Publisher ID is your unique identifier in the Ad Exchange system. Please include it in any correspondence you have with the Google Marketing Platform teams about your account.

Domain management

This section enables you to classify all domains before they can be served ads. Domains are matched at serving time as top-private-level domains--that is, one level beneath the public suffix (e.g., “” or “”). Lower-level domains that are entered automatically convert to top-private-level domains (e.g., “” would be updated to “”).

Network Partners

This section is used to add a network partner to your account, and follow the states of the network partner approval process.

For more detailed information, view the sections below: