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Declare ad technology providers for creatives in Ad Manager reservation campaigns for LGPD

The Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD) is a new Brazilian privacy law that is due to go into effect on August 16th, 2020. It applies to the processing of personal data, which can include online identifiers, of users located in Brazil. We are committed to supporting advertisers, publishers, and other partners as they work to comply with the LGPD and will work with them to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

Learn more about the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (LGPD)

Only ad technology providers that have shared a link with Google explaining their data usage, provided certain information, and agreed to comply with our data usage policy will be permitted to serve and measure ads for Brazilian traffic. If there are ad technology providers that you work with on reservation campaigns that are not on the list of approved ad technology providers, you can whitelist them on a network level via the EU user consent settings. Google will then enforce reservations serving based on the LGPD ad technology providers list together with the self declared URL list.

Specify network-level LGPD settings for reservation creatives

Declare ad technology providers that you work with on reservation creatives. Reservation creatives are associated with non-programmatic line items, including guaranteed (Sponsorship and Standard) and non-guaranteed (Network, Bulk, Price Priority, and House).

Google will check for any ad technology providers that you declare when determining whether reservation creatives are eligible to serve.

Complete the following steps to declare ad technology providers for reservations for your entire network: 

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then EU user consent.
  3. Enter the URL of any owned ad technology. If you use any ad technology owned by you or your company on your site or app, such as a content delivery network, enter its URL to make sure that ad technology isn’t blocked in reservation requests. It is your responsibility to ensure that the use of any URLs you enter is compliant with relevant privacy legislation.
    All other settings in the "EU user consent" tab will continue to apply only to requests that are subject to the GDPR.
  4. Click Save.

Ad technology providers declaration status

Google scans all creatives to detect the declared ad technology providers. This scan also detects any ad technology providers that have not been declared and lists them so that you can update the declarations on the user consent settings.

Possible statuses include:

  • Needs attention: At least one detected ad technology provider wasn’t declared at the network level.
  • Complete: All detected ad technology providers have been declared at the network level.
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