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About child publisher statuses

Child publishers will appear with different statuses depending on where they’re at in the MCM invitation process, or based on the status of their account.

Check child publisher status 

Parents: Check child invitation or account status
  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Multiple Customer Management and then Child publishers.
    The child’s status shows in the “Status” column.

For details, review this table:

Status Description

A child publisher has been created and the invitation has been sent. The invitation allows the child publisher to register with Ad Manager as being represented by a parent publisher.

If you withdraw a child publisher at this stage of the approval process, the child publisher will still be listed in the table as "Inactive", and the invitation URL becomes invalid.

Declined The invitation for Multiple Customer Management was declined.

Account Pending

(Manage Inventory delegation type only)

The child publisher has created a new account and is pending approval by Google. This approval process usually takes 24-48 hours.

If pending approval has not been updated within 7 days of submission, the child publisher should sign in to Google Ad Manager to learn what action they must complete for approval. If those actions are unsuccessful, contact your Account Manager.

Approved The child publisher is approved and can begin receiving impressions.

The account has been closed. Values include:

  • Policy violation: The account was closed for a policy violation, such as not meeting quality requirements.
  • Invalid activity: The account was closed for invalid activity, such as spam.
  • By publisher: The publisher closed the account.

The child publisher has been disapproved by Google. No ads are served to domains/apps classified to a disapproved child publisher. The child publisher may have actions to complete on Google Ad Manager.

Disapproved partners may also have one of the following values in the “Status” column:

  • Policy disabled: The child publisher was disapproved for non-compliant behavior related to the Google Ad Manager Partner Guidelines.
  • Duplicate account: If a child publisher has multiple sites or apps, parent publishers should only invite the child publisher to create one Ad Manager network.
    All sites/apps should be associated with that one Ad Manager network in the site/app classification section of the user interface. A company should only have one Ad Manager network. If the company has an AdSense account, the Ad Manager network should be created under the same Google account.
  • Ineligible: The publisher needs to fix some issues and resubmit their approval request before they can use Ad Manager.

For more details on disapproved duplicates accounts, check this FAQ.

Expired The invitation was neither accepted nor declined within 90 days.
  • The parent publisher has withdrawn the invitation from the child publisher.
  • The agreement was ended by the parent or child publisher.

Parent publishers can resend an invitation to inactive child publishers.

Deactivated by Ad Manager The account was deactivated. The child can no longer sign in to their network. Example: due to malicious activity  
Children: Check your invitation status

If you already have an Ad Manager account and your parent invited you by network code, you can check your invitation status as follows:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Multiple Customer Management.
    Your status shows under “Invitation status.”

For details, review this table.

Child status Description
Approved The association request from the parent network is approved by the child network.
Pending The association request from the parent network is pending child network approval or rejection.
Rejected The association request from the parent network is rejected or revoked by the child network.
Withdrawn The association request from the parent network is withdrawn by the parent network.


About expired invitations

A child publisher who receives an invitation has 90 days to accept or decline the invite, or the child publisher's status will be set to "Expired."

Parent publishers can resend a new invitation only after the child publisher is labeled "Expired."

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