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Internal redirects to Google Campaign Manager from Ad Manager

Campaign Manager tags for video creatives are supported with both programmatic and reservation campaigns, where you control the creative in Ad Manager. Since the redirect happens within Ad Manager, they also work for cross-sell.*

Internal redirect functionality is not compatible with VPAID wrapped Campaign Manager tags.

* If you traffic a Campaign Manager creative yourself though Localhost as the creative for a Programmatic Guaranteed campaign, the request will not be made for the Campaign Manager creative. When associated with a non-programmatic deal though, it will still be eligible.

Campaign Manager tags (sometimes called an "internal redirects") are creatives hosted by Campaign Manager. Similar to third-party creatives, these tags are used to retrieve creative assets. These tags are not sent directly to the user's browser. Instead, they're processed internally within Campaign Manager and Ad Manager.

Campaign Manager tags are used to serve ads to sites because they help simplify the trafficking process, reduce latency, and prevent counting discrepancies between Ad Manager and Campaign Manager. Ad Manager testing has shown a discrepancy rate of 0% for video internal redirects.

If the Campaign Manager network has nothing to serve, or if invalid VAST is returned, the Ad Manager ad server will roll back the Campaign Manager tag creative. This is sometimes called a "rewind." The ad server will then re-run the selection process and pick a different creative or line item, intentionally excluding the original Campaign Manager tag creative. The end result is that more real ads are shown to users and fewer blank ads are delivered.

Ad Manager does not currently track a VAST error for a "rewind" as it would for an external redirect. Line item troubleshooting will display this as No creative returned, so you can understand why a line item is not delivering as expected.

Traffic Campaign Manager tags for video creatives

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Click Delivery and then Creatives.

  3. Click New creative.

  4. Begin typing to search for the advertiser whose creative you're adding. Each creative is associated with one advertiser. When you've found the right advertiser, click OK.

  5. Click Campaign Manager from the list of creative types.

  6. Enter the Name and Target ad unit size for your creative.

  7. Enter the Redirect URL, which is the URL of a creative hosted on Campaign Manager or Google Ad Manager.

  8. Select the Internal redirect to Google Campaign Manager option in the "Advanced settings" section.

  9. (Optional) Enter multiple Third-party impression tracking URLs.

    These tracking URLs are pinged when the creative appears and can contain Ad Manager macros. They are not supported for creatives with an actual size of "Out-of-page."

  10. Click Save.

How Campaign Manager tags help reduce latency

Because Campaign Manager tags are processed entirely within the Campaign Manager and Ad Manager servers, with no requests to any other servers, there is no increased latency. If Campaign Manager tags are used, it takes no longer to serve a Campaign Manager creative than a hosted creative.

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