Allow smaller ads

By default, Ad Manager accepts some creatives that are smaller than the inventory size. Ad contraction makes inventory and creatives more compatible with each other and enables more ads to compete for your inventory.

Ad slots eligible for contraction

Ad contraction currently applies to backfill display and out-stream video ad slots on desktop web, mobile web, and apps. Not all ad slots are currently capable of contraction, though we’re working to increase eligibility.

Interstitial ads are not subject to the ad contraction control and always allow smaller creatives.

Determining how small of an ad is accepted

Ad Manager considers both user experience and revenue uplift when determining the optimal minimum creative size for an ad slot. Note that pricing rules refer to the original size of the request.

When the ad slot is collapsed

Ad Manager collapses the ad slot when it’s unlikely to cause reflow, or the delayed loading of an ad after the rest of the site/app has already loaded.

  • If we collapse the ad slot, there won’t be any whitespace around the ad.
  • If there’s a likelihood of reflow, we won’t collapse the ad slot, and there may be some remaining whitespace around the ad.

Deactivate ad contraction

You can turn off ad contraction in network settings, though we recommend keeping it activated for optimal performance.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Global settings.
    The Network settings tab is selected by default.
  3. Under "Ad serving settings," deactivate Ad contraction.
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