Set frequency caps for ad units

Limit the number of creatives that can serve in an ad unit within a given time period. Format frequency caps are useful when you want to set limits across a format (like rewarded ads), and those formats are organized by ad unit.

You can apply these frequency caps to:

  • Ad unit settings: The frequency caps will apply to that ad unit only.
  • Network settings: The frequency caps will apply to all ad units that don’t have their own frequency caps.

All creatives in an ad unit are frequency capped, so please use carefully to avoid inadvertently blocking ads.

Set format frequency caps

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Choose whether to add the frequency caps at the ad unit or network level.
    • Ad unit: Click Inventory and then Ad units and click an ad unit's name to open its settings.
    • Network: Click Inventory and then Network settings.
    Format frequency capping also applies to Yield Groups. Publishers need to configure the cap at ad unit level.
  3. Select the checkbox next to Set format frequency caps.
  4. Enter a maximum number of impressions per user and then set how often the cap will be reached.


    Set a frequency cap so a user will be served at the most 10 creatives in the ad unit every 2 weeks.

  5. Click Add format frequency cap to add more frequency caps as needed. Combining frequency caps can help ensure that users don’t see creatives in the same ad unit too often.


    Set one frequency cap of 1 impression per hour, and a second frequency cap of 3 impressions per day. Ad Manager will enforce both rules: a user can't be served creatives in the ad unit more than once per hour or more than three times per day.

  6. Click Save.
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