Fluid size for native ads

"Fluid" is a native ad size that allows more flexibility when styling your ad.

Google Ad Manager automatically sizes the ad by filling the width of the enclosing column and adjusting the height as appropriate (just like a regular HTML div on your site). This size works in combination with the fluid slot type in Google Publisher Tags or the Google Mobile Ads SDK  for Android and iOS.

To use the Fluid size for native ads:

  1. Choose a method to create your native ad.
  2. Choose Fluid as the "Ad size" on your native style.
  3. Target ad units that are also configured to use the fluid size.​​​​​​​ The sizes for the ad unit and native style must match.
To improve native performance, make sure your fluid-sized native ads only serve into parent containers that have a div width greater than 0 pixels.

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