Flexible sizes take priority over size blocking rules

The flexible sizes feature will be deprecated soon and replaced with the Enable ad slot contraction in backfill network setting. Learn more

In Ad Exchange, when you use flexible sizes to specify a range of creative sizes that a segment of your inventory will accept, this range will take priority over any size-related blocking rules. This means that inventory with a flexible size may allow a smaller, blocked creative to actually be trafficked in that ad slot.

For example:

  1. You set up a blocking rule that excludes creatives with a size of 300x50.
  2. You set up a flexible inventory size of 468x80 with a minimum creative width of 60% and a minimum creative height of 60%.
  3. As the “Preview” section indicates, the minimum allowed size is 280x36. Therefore, 300x50 is a size that fits within the flexible size threshold for the ad slot.
  4. Even though you blocked the size of 300x50 in step 1, because the flexible inventory size from step 2 allows 300x50 creatives, those creatives may appear in the 468x80 ad slot.

To ensure that sizes remain blocked, make sure that all flexible size ranges are bigger than the blocked size. In the above example, if you:

  • Change the flexible range for 468x80 to a minimum creative width of 80% and a minimum creative height of 80%.

The 300x50 size will fall below the minimum range of 374x64, and therefore continue to be blocked.

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