About forecast adjustments

Make adjustments based on upcoming traffic pattern changes so they’re better reflected in traffic and inventory forecasting numbers. Providing your own version of future traffic data is helpful when:

  • Upcoming trends are not included in the forecast’s historical timeframe.
  • You can anticipate traffic spikes during new high-profile events.

Adjustment features

With Forecast adjustments in Ad Manager, you can:

  • Specify the dates when the adjustment will take effect.
  • Apply adjustments to any of the available Traffic forecast filters, including ad units, device category, and inventory type.
  • Adjust the predicted ad opportunities to reflect upcoming traffic pattern changes.

Get started

You can enter adjustments in the Visual Editor or by upload:

  • The Visual Editor in the UI is good for simple adjustments that require only one ad opportunity change over one time period (e.g., “I want to increase my December traffic by 15%”). Learn how to add an adjustment in the Visual Editor.
  • Upload allows for more detailed adjustments outside of the UI. You can have a different adjustment for each day (e.g., “I want to adjust December 5 to 1000 ad opportunities, December 10 to 2000, etc.”). Learn how to add adjustments by upload.
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