A new look for Google Ad Manager

Ad Manager now has a consistent experience and better creative management

A number of improvements are being introduced to Google Ad Manager. You can familiarize yourself with some of these changes below. Also see Changes to Google Ad Manager.

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Slide-in panels

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Slide-in panels drift in from the right of the screen. They allow you to create or modify some items, provide access to settings, or show you more information.

Creating or modifying certain items used the entire page. Settings or more information were sometimes in pop-up forms or lived statically on the page. 

Slide-in panel example

An example of how to open a panel


Modify columns

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Access the "Modify columns" option by clicking the columns icon () above the table to the right.

You clicked the Modify columns button on the top right of the table.

Where to find "Modify columns"

An example of how to modify a column


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Add a filter by clicking "Ad new filter" next to the funnel icon () just above the first column of a table. Select the item by which you want to filter, an operator, then value. Filters selected appear as blue chips and can be removed by clicking "✕".

You clicked Filters and then Add filters on the right of the table and then selected the column by which you want to filter, an operator, then value. Additional columns were added or removed by clicking a button with a plus or minus symbol.

Where to add a filter

An example of how to filter

Actions above a table

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Actions above a table, such as Activate, Deactivate, and Add existing creative, show only after items are selected. Once items are selected, these options appear above the table.

These options were persistent above the table.

Activate/Deactivate example

An example of how to activate and deactivate a creative


Targeting picker

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The targeting picker displays targeting types on stacked and expandable list. Clicking a targeting type expands to show targeting values or classes.

A summary of included and excluded targeting appears on the stacked list.

Targeting types were listed in a column to the left and, once selected, displayed targeting values or groups to the right in various windows.

Targeting picker example

Expand a targeting type and then:
  • Include items in targeting by clicking 
  • Exclude items in targeting by clicking 
  • Remove items from targeting by clicking Remove

Date and time picker

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To manually enter a time, open the time menu and click the time value at the top to edit.

To manually enter a time, you had to first select a date, and then you could edit a populated time field.

Set time example

An example of setting the time manually.

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