View ad units and their forecasted line items

To see how your inventory has been defined by ad units and view which line items are forecasted to deliver to them:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.

  2. Click Inventory and then Ad units.

  3. Use filters to find your ad unit.

  4. Click Line items to view line items that are forecasted to deliver to this ad unit in the next 30 days. For a line item to be displayed, it needs to satisfy the following conditions:

    • The line item must be reserving inventory (including paused with inventory reserved).

    • Forecasting must have sufficient historical data to make its prediction.

    • Forecasting must predict delivery for the line item. For example, if one 100-weight sponsorship line item is booked to the ad unit during the next 30 days, no other line items are displayed because none can be delivered.

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