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 New trafficking experience
Ad Manager might look a little different if you're using the new trafficking user interface

This article reflects the new trafficking experience. If you're still on the previous experience, look for this note box that captures instructions or behavior that reflects the previous trafficking experience:

Previous trafficking experience

Instructions or behavior that reflects the previous trafficking experience.

Learn more about the improvements and changes to Ad Manager in Changes to Google Ad Manager and Improvements to Google Ad Manager.


To run a new ad campaign in Ad Manager, you'll first need to create a new order. After creating the order, you'll need to create line items, add creatives, and approve the order before it can serve. For reserved line item types, Ad Manager doesn't reserve inventory until the order is approved.

Create an order

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Orders and then New order.
  3. Enter your order information in the appropriate fields. Order names must be unique within your network.
  4. Enter your line item information.
  5. Click Add line item or Save.

    Previous trafficking experience

    To add a line item, click Save and... and then New line item.

  6. Add line items, creatives, and approve your order before the line items are eligible to serve.

Add teams to an order

Add one or more teams to a new or existing order to provide access and reporting visibility.

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

  1. When creating or editing an order, click the "Teams" field and select teams that should have access to the order.
  2. Click Save.
How to ensure your users can access orders and line items
You must associate an order with a team before users can access the order. Even if a team is associated with the order's advertiser, the team must be added separately. The "View my orders and line items" permission grants a user access to orders to which they are assigned or associated by team.
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