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Review a line item's delivery progress

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To review the progress of your line items, click Click Delivery and then Orders and click the order containing the line item in question. The progress, impressions, and clicks are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Monitor your line item's delivery
Use a line item's "Troubleshoot" tab to see reasons your line item isn't delivering. This can help you determine whether your delivery settings need to be adjusted to optimize revenue.

Help me troubleshoot delivery

Line items with an absolute goal (x number of impressions)

The progress is calculated as the percentage of impression goal delivered divided by the percentage of time elapsed:

progress = (% of impression goal delivered) / (% of time elapsed)

Delivery progress assumes an even distribution of impressions. For example, a line item that has delivered 50% of its impression goal 50% of the way through the campaign has a progress of 100%. However, a line item that’s delivered 50% of its impression goal at the end of day 3 of a 4-day-long campaign would have a progress of:

50 / 75 = 66%

Note that the percentage is rounded down. For example, 66.67% displays 66%.

Since Ad Manager paces delivery on traffic patterns to your website, progress may not always be the best indicator of overdelivery or underdelivery. Progress will change throughout a campaign as the pacing of delivery fluctuates. For example, the progress for a line item might be above 100% if the ad server anticipates a period of low traffic in the future. Similarly, a line item with progress below 100% is not necessarily going to underdeliver.

The most accurate measure of whether a line item is on-schedule to deliver in full is the availability forecast found in Delivery for a line item. Use the availability forecast to check and see if there are still enough impressions for your line item to reach its goal by the end date.

Review the value under Progress:

  • If the value is 100%, the proportion of impressions delivered is currently equal to the proportion of time elapsed in the campaign.

  • If the value is greater than 100%, the proportion of impressions delivered is currently greater than the proportion of time elapsed in the campaign.

  • If the value is less than 100%, the proportion of impressions delivered is currently less than the proportion of time elapsed in the campaign.

  • If the value is N/A, the line item has no quantity goals, or sufficient information doesn't exist.

Line items with a percentage goal (sponsorships) or an unlimited end time

The column shows a bar graph of impressions over the past week, as well as the number of impressions delivered on the most active day during that week. If a sponsorship line item has a "Minimum quantity" defined, progress is calculated in the same way as it is for line items with an absolute goal, where the minimum quantity of impressions is the goal.

Other resources

If you're using GPT ad tags on your website, you can use the on-screen debugging tool called the Google Publisher Console to troubleshoot your ad tags.

For more in-depth information, see the ad selection white paper.

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