YouTube cross-sell partner content ingestion

For more information on YouTube cross-sell, see the Partner Sales help center. If you don't have access to the help center, contact your Partner Sales representative.

If your network is authorized for the YouTube cross-sell partner program, your partner-uploaded video content (optionally including "unlisted" videos) is ingested within seconds of publication, and is available for serving within a few minutes. User‑generated content can also be ingested (Beta), though with greater latency (overnight).

YouTube content ingestion selectively ingests videos based on YouTube's ability to monetize the content. If any content doesn't appear in the YouTube partner source, it's likely due to rights claim issues that are also preventing it from being monetized. When those are resolved, the videos will be ingested through the partner‑level source.

Target YouTube video content

Once your network is set up for YouTube cross-sell, you can target content from your YouTube channels in either CMS metadata or content bundles:

  • CMS metadata

    When you add targeting to your line item, choose Key-values, Audience, and CMS metadata and then CMS metadata, and then select any of available YouTube keys shown below, and the value you'd like to target.

  • Content bundles

    When you add targeting to your line item, choose Video content and then Bundles, and select the bundle you'd like to target.

For example, to target all of your user generated content, choose:
Key-values, Audience, and CMS metadata and then CMS metadata and then claim_type: ugc

Available YouTube keys

YouTube keys Description Type
category The category of the video. string
duration The duration of the video, in seconds. This value defaults to 60 if unavailable (this is not common). numeric
keywords The tags/keywords assigned to the YouTube video. string
claim_type This distinguishes between YouTube partner‑uploaded and user‑generated content (UGC). Possible values are partner_uploaded and ugc. string
premium_ugc Applies to user-generated content (UGC) when there is a 90% or greater audio/video match to a premium music video. Audio-only matches cannot be premium. Possible values are yes and no. string
yt_channel_id The YouTube channel identifier. This should be in the format UC[XXX]. string
assetlabel These are asset labels from the YouTube Creator Studio. They are present only for user‑generated content (in other words, claim_type=ugc). string
language The content language. string
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