Test DAI streams from an iOS device

You can view and verify DAI compliance with the IMA SDK for your VAST ad tags, live streams, and video on demand streams with the Mobile VSI app from the iOS app store. To get started, download the app and install it on your device.

  1. Within the app, select your stream type and the stream details into the text fields.

    See input details for mobile VSI.

  2. Click Start to play the stream. You can play either a live stream or video on demand.

(Optional) Enter your stream details in a web application

To make it easier to input the stream information, you can also enter your stream details in a web application, generate a QR code, and then scan the code with the Mobile VSI app.

The stream plays automatically and displays logged details. These can be sent directly to your email.

Input details for Mobile VSI

Name Type Description
Asset key string Asset Key of the stream to be played (for live streams)
Content source ID string Content source ID (for VOD streams)
Video ID string Video ID (for VOD streams)
API Key string The stream request API key. This is configured through the Admin tab in the Ad Manager interface and provided to the publisher to unlock their content. It verifies the applications that are attempting to access the content.
Stream Activity Monitor ID
(only for iOS)
string The ID used to debug a stream with the Stream Activity Monitor. This is used to provide a convenient way to allow publishers to find a stream log in the Stream Activity Monitor tool.
Manifest URL suffix
(only for iOS)
string The suffix that the SDK appends to the query of the stream manifest URL.
Ad tag parameters See detailed descriptions of ad tag parameters.

For any issues related to DAI troubleshooting or outages, contact publisher support.

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