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Use ad units suggested from your Google Publisher Tags

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If the ad server receives at least 10 requests for an undefined ad unit within a seven-day period, Google Ad Manager will suggest that you add it to your list.

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How to enable this feature

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Network settings.
  3. Enable the slider next to "Suggested ad units."
  4. Click Save.

Approve a suggested ad unit

Only ad units that you approve will be added to your inventory. You can ignore a suggestion if, for example, the ad unit was included in the ad tag by mistake because of a tagging error. Once you approve the suggested ad unit, traffickers will be able to specifically target line items to it. Carefully review all suggested ad units to avoid suggestions created from misspellings of existing ad units in your tags.

You can only approve suggested ad units; you cannot delete or archive them.

How often is the list of suggested ad units updated?
The list of suggested ad units is updated once a day, so when you include an ad unit in an ad tag, it will show up on the list of suggested ad units no more than 24 hours later. Suggested ad units will remain on the list as long as there have been more than 10 impressions in the past seven days. The number of impression requests in the past seven days is shown in the "Requests" column of the "Suggested ad units" page.
  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad units.
  3. Click Suggested ad units, which is located to the right of the New ad unit button..
    Previous experience
    Suggested ad units is a tab near the top of the page.
  4. Filter the list of suggested ad units by number of requests or by name, using the search box. Only the 500 most requested suggested ad units are available in the user interface.​
  5. Click the checkbox next to one or more suggested ad units you want to create in Ad Manager.
  6. Click Approve.

Suggested ad units use the same target window setting as the parent ad unit. First-level ad units inherit the target window under Inventory > Network settings.

This feature is not intended to be the primary method by which ad units are created.
If you wish to regularly create new ad units from what is defined in your tags, we recommend using the Ad Manager API to create ad units with the standard InventoryService methods.

Report on suggested ad units

Suggested ad units don't appear in reports until you approve them. Instead, impressions delivered to suggested ad units are attributed to the ad unit one level above in the hierarchy. For a top-level ad unit, impressions are attributed to the "(default)" ad unit.

Line item selection for suggested ad units

If you have already defined a first-level ad unit under "Inventory" and you add a second-level ad unit to the tag before you approve it, line items targeted to the first-level ad unit and run-of-network line items will be served to the unapproved ad unit. If you add a brand new first-level ad unit to an ad tag, run-of-network ads will serve to it.

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