Integrate with DAI using server-side beaconing (SSB)

SSB allows an HLS player to make a direct HTTP request to the Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) system, where Ad Manager tracks and reports on video stream metrics based on estimates. Any player should be able to play an SSB stream, however feature support is limited.

Compare the features supported for DAI integrations before you choose an implementation type.

You can use the information below too see how to activate and request streams using SSB for either video on demand, or linear (live) streams.

 Video on demand (VOD)

Mid-rolls and post-rolls are not supported for VOD.

  1. Activate SSB features for a VOD stream.

    VOD streams can only be accessed with an SSB if:

    • The Ad Manager content source specifically activates SSB
    • The Ad Manager content source is not configured to support mid-rolls

    To find VOD SSB setting in Ad Manager:

    1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
    2. Click Video and then Content sources, and open a source.
    3. Server-side tracking, in the "Settings for dynamic ad insertion" section, is either activated or disabled.
  2. Access an SSB stream for a VOD stream.

    The SSB stream URL for video on demand streams contains the content ID and video ID:<contentId>/vid/<vid>/master.m3u8

You cannot alter a content source to change the server-side tracking activation after it's created.

 Linear (live)

  1. All DAI live linear streams are always accessible using an SSB stream URL.

  2. Access an SSB stream for a linear (live) stream.

    The SSB stream URL for linear (live) streams contains the asset key:<assetKey>/master.m3u8


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