Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Create a slate to fill content gaps

Before a live stream can be created, a slate needs to exist. Slates are content that can be served when there are gaps in a live stream ad break that cannot be filled with a dynamically-served ad.

Create a live stream slate

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Video and then Live streams and then Slates and then New slate.
  3. Enter a descriptive name. Once saved, this name appears on the "Slates" page.
  4. Drag-and-drop or upload a video file.

    This video file should be a high resolution (for example, 1080p) mp4 that Ad Manager will transcode. It should be between 5 and 30 seconds in duration. The video will be looped for gaps longer than its duration.

  5. Click Save.

New slates appear immediately on the "Slates" page with a "Not transcoded" server-side ad status. Within a few minutes, the status should change to "Transcoding in progress." After about 15 minutes, if Ad Manager does not encounter a problem, the final status "Transcoded" displays.

Once the slate is transcoded, it's ready to use in a live stream, or to set as the network default slate.

You can edit a slate's name at any time, but to use a different asset you'll need to create a new slate.

Set a slate as the network default

A network default slate is required to run any live stream.

Once created, you can set a slate as the network default. Only one slate can be designated as the default for your Ad Manager network. However, you can create and assign separate slates for separate live stream events. If a specific slate is not assigned to a specific live stream event, the network default is used.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Delivery  and then Delivery settings.
  3. Enter the name of the slate in the "Slate default" field.
  4. Click Save.
For any issues related to DAI troubleshooting or outages, contact publisher support.

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