Store your report preferences

To save you time with the selection of report settings, you can store your reporting preferences.These preferences include the date range, charts, metrics, the data table layout, and the number of rows output per page. Some preferences may not be available given your network configuration.

Default settings options

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Reports and then Preferences.
  3. For each report type, you can select preferences based on your reporting needs. 
  4. Select a default date range from a preset list of options. A "day" in a given report is defined as midnight to midnight in the publisher’s timezone. The actual dates used are available in the output of the report.
  5. Choose to see your data table layout in either a flat view or a hierarchical view. We recommend the use of "flat" for improved performance. Learn more about table structures.
  6. After you’ve made all of your selections, click Save preferences. To undo any selections made, click Reset to network defaults
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