Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

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Report on video content (Beta)

Some video features may not be enabled for your network. Contact your account manager for information.

Video content reports allow you to report on the number of times that each content video is viewed. Ad Manager is able to count content views for all videos when a pre-roll ad is requested first, provided the request contains certain parameters.

Content views are only counted when your player requests a first-position pre-roll ad, as indicated by the vpos and ppos ad tag parameters with the values &vpos=preroll&ppos=1.

  • To ensure your player is passing the proper values in those parameters, use the IMA SDK and ad rules.
  • An ad rules (VMAP) request itself does not indicate that a video was viewed. Only the follow-up request for a pre-roll ad indicates to Ad Manager that a user has viewed content.
  • Unfilled requests for pre-roll ads do not impact Ad Manager's ability to count content video views.

    However, if an ad is chosen to serve but never plays, it is assumed to be from a user who drops-off, without viewing either the ad or the video content. Therefor, there is no content view to count. The first pixel of the ad needs to show on the screen to be counted as an impression and content view.

Ad rule configurations that may prevent counting of video views

Certain (otherwise valid) ad rule configurations could prevent a pre-roll ad request from being sent to Ad Manager. When no ad requests are sent, then no content view is counted. Some examples include:

  • If you implement an ad rule that has no pre-roll position (whether it is a completely blank ad rule, or an ad rule with only mid-roll and post-roll), then content views are not counted.
  • If you configure session ad rules by the "every N videos" frequency criteria, then some video views would not have accompanying pre-roll ad requests. Those content views are not counted.

If you rely on Ad Manager to count every single video view, and have frequency-capped business rules, then you might instead consider implementing time-based session ad rules, which work differently. Time-based session ad rules generate an ad request every time. Frequency-capped ad opportunities are determined by the server, and do not suppress video view counting.

Video content metrics

The following metrics are available in reporting:

Monetizable content views
The number of video views for Ad Manager-hosted content (for example, a TV show or video clip).

Total monetizable content views
The number of video views for shared partner content.*

These metrics are not the view count of any video ad creative.

* Applies to partner management, which might not be enabled for your network. Contact your account manager for information.

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