About native ads

While traditional banner ads have a static creative from start to finish, native is flexible and can provide a beautiful, relevant, effective ad in any situation and on any device.

Native ads are based on flexible components

We define “native” as component-based ads that are styled by the publisher instead of the advertiser. This definition applies to a broad range of use cases, from highly custom sponsored posts to scaled native backfill. In all cases, Google receives structured components from the advertiser and inserts them into styles that the publisher defines.

One creative, many layouts

Ad Manager can take the native ad components that the advertiser provides and insert them into many different layouts, depending on the type of device where the ad will appear, how the content on the page appears, the amount of space available, and more.

Get started

To get started creating native ads in Ad Manager, navigate to the Native ads page and choose one of the methods described in this article.

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