Viewability in Data Transfer

Discover Active View information about each impression

Where to find viewability information

Data Transfer includes Active View information about impressions. Below are the fields you can use to determine which impressions were eligible for measurement, measurable, and ultimately viewable by users:

Find impressions that were measurable, but not viewable

The NetworkActiveViews files only contain impressions that either weren't measurable or were both measurable and viewable.

To identify measurable impressions that weren't viewable, follow the steps below:

  1. Filter impressions in the NetworkImpressions file where ActiveViewEligibleImpression = 'Y'.
  2. Match impressions from the NetworkImpressions file and the NetworkActiveViews file using the Keypart and TimeUsec2 fields.
  3. Filter out impressions where MeasurableImpression = 'N' in the NetworkActiveViews file.
  4. Filter out impressions where ViewableImpression = 'Y' in the NetworkActiveViews file.
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