Comparison of multi-size pricing and flexible sizes in Ad Exchange

The flexible sizes feature will be deprecated soon and replaced with the Enable ad slot contraction in backfill network setting. Learn more

Both multi-size pricing and flexible sizes enable you to monetize inventory for multiple sizes in a single Ad Exchange ad request. Use the following table to understand the different options and benefits of each.


  Flexible sizes Multi-size pricing
  • Allows smaller size ads to fill into a larger slot.
  • Allows you to define how much smaller an ad can be (by percentage of width and height) and still fill the slot.
  • Allows multiple ad sizes to be sent to Ad Exchange in one dynamic allocation request, where each size has its own minimum CPM.
  • Ad Exchange determines and serves the best performing ad size.
  • Higher fill rate for a single slot size.
  • Easy to manage your minimum CPM; one price applies for all allowed creative sizes in a given slot size.
  • Works well when there isn’t demand for an exact slot size.
  • No need to list out individual creative sizes; just specify a minimum percentage of height and width (or use the default 67% setting).
  • Differential granular pricing per ad size in a single request. For example, you could set a minimum CPM of $9.00 for a 728x90 slot, and $1 for 300x250.
  • Advanced business rules.
  • Optimize yield by specifying different minimum CPMs per ad size.
  • Enabled for all publishers by default. No GPT, Ad Manager, or Ad Exchange setup needed.
  • You may adjust rule settings in Ad Exchange (for example, excluding flexible sizes from appearing on your homepage).
  • Set your GPT tag to contain all sizes you allow for a slot.
  • Configure your Ad Exchange line items with all necessary sizes.
  • Use pricing rules in Ad Exchange.
Resizing of ad slots No resizing. (Doesn't support collapsable iframes; if a smaller creative fills a large slot, there is blank space around the creative). A GPT ad slot resizes to fit the winning ad size.
Price granularity Same price for all creative sizes that fill a given slot size. The price floor for the slot size applies. Can set different minimum CPMs for different ad sizes in a single ad request.
Requires Ad Manager? No, but works with Ad Manager dynamic allocation, as long as the request sent to Ad Exchange contains one slot size only. Yes.
Supports Preferred Deals and Private Auctions? Yes. Yes.
Supports custom sizes? Yes. Provides increased demand/fill. Yes but standard sizes are more likely to fill.


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