Signals in the bid request

The GMA SDK offers advanced features that allow publishers with unique requirements to serve ads in their mobile apps. In addition to the mobile advertising IDs, there are some signals that can be passed in the bid request to Ad Exchange buyers:

  • URL: The URL passed in the bid request is the mobile app’s Android or iOS URL.
  • Support for child-directed apps: Publishers can mark their ad requests to be treated as child-directed to facilitate compliance with COPPA. Learn more about child-directed settings for Android and iOS.
  • GPS location: Publishers can send GPS location data as an extra signal in a privacy-safe way to the buyers. Please adhere to the Google Ad Manager Partner Guidelines. Buyers get a hyperlocal polygon of 5 coordinates (4 lat/long coordinates forming a box, and a 5th lat/long coordinate that is the center of the box) in the bid request. Learn more.
  • Age: If the birthday of the user is known, it can be passed to Ad Exchange. To be privacy-safe, Ad Exchange passes only the age range to buyers. Learn more about age settings for Android and iOS.
  • Gender: When the gender of the user is known, it can be passed to buyers as an additional signal. It can be male, female or unknown. Learn more about gender settings for Android and iOS.
  • Content URL (beta): For publishers that have the same content in mobile app as that for mobile or desktop web, the content URL can be used to send the corresponding web URL of the content in the bid request for addition contextual signals. Learn more.
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