Ad Exchange video with the IMA adapter

For video partner platforms that aren't integrated with the IMA SDK, you can still monetize in VAST and VPAID-compliant players. The IMA Adapter integration allows Ad Exchange for video publishers to monetize video content on desktop and mobile web.

The video player implementation must be compatible with VAST 2 or 3 as well as VPAID 2. It works by automatically executing the IMA SDK technology prior to making the ad request, without an additional SDK-integration step.

A direct IMA SDK integration is always preferable, not only because of reduced latency due to an additional request, but because it enables more features than the adapter, such as advanced ad scheduling with video ad rules and VMAP. If a direct IMA SDK integration is not possible, the adapter can at least access demand from Ad Exchange and AdSense for Video.

To use the adapter:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Ad units and then Generate tags.
  3. Select your ad unit(s) and click Generate tags.
  4. Ensure that Google IMA adapter is selected.
  5. Select whether you'd like the video ad to begin in a muted state or to automatically play. Selecting these options define the vpmute and/or vpa parameters in the generated ad code.
  6. Copy the ad code.
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