Additional request methods for Google Ad Manager Mobile In-app

The GMA SDK offers some additional advanced features that allow publishers with unique requirements to serve ads in their mobile apps:

  • Support for child-directed apps: Publishers can mark their ad requests to be treated as child-directed to facilitate compliance with COPPA. Learn more about child-directed settings for Android and iOS.
  • GPS location signals: Publishers can send GPS location data to accurately serve line items targeting more granular locations, example city or zip code . Please note that at this point, it’s not possible to target a line item to a GPS location. Learn more about passing GPS location signals for Android and iOS.
  • Ability to send messages to the app: GMA SDK has app events that allow Google Ad Manager creatives to send messages to the app and take action accordingly. This allows for a wide variety of possibilities including dynamically changing creative behavior and changing the look and feel of the creative. Learn more about app events for Android and iOS.
  • Additional methods for backfill: If you’re using Ad Exchange backfill, there are parameters such as Content URL that can be passed via Google Ad Manager. Learn more about these additional parameters for Android and iOS. As with the above, publishers can also set GPS location for backfill. If used, this will pass hyperlocal targeting signals to Ad Exchange bidders. Ad Exchange will not pass the true GPS location to bidders.
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