Only available in Google Ad Manager 360.

Share segments with Audience Extension

Make your audience segments available in Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360

Only available in Google Ad Manager 360

Audience Solutions is a Google Ad Manager 360 feature which might not be enabled for your network.

If you use Audience Extension, you have the option of buying additional impressions based on first-party audience segments via Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360. To do so, you'll need to link your Ad Manager network to your Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360 account.

Additional obligations and requirements

Use of Audience Extension includes additional obligations and requirements related to personalized ads for your network. Review the Platforms program policies to ensure you're in compliance.

Before linking

  • Ensure that the Ad Manager user account used to link is active and is associated with the Administrator role or a role with similar permissions to perform the steps in this article.
  • Ensure that this Ad Manager user account is associated with an email that is also associated with an active user account in either Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360, depending on which you want to link.
  • Work with your sales representative to identify the correct Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360 account for Audience Extension.
  • Work with your Ad Manager support contact to have Audience Extension activated for your Ad Manager network. Once activated, your Authorized Buyers or Display & Video 360 account can be linked to your Ad Manager network.

Link accounts


  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Navigate to Admin and then Linked accounts and then Audience Extension.
  3. Click New Audience Extension link.
  4. Enter the customer ID.

    For Authorized Buyers (Ad Exchange advertisers), this is the customer ID for the Authorized Buyers account. For a Display & Video 360 advertisers, this is the number located next to the advertiser name in Display & Video 360.

  5. In the "Linked accounts" section, click the edit link next to the relevant Ad Exchange account.
    • If the audience segment isn't activated, the "Audience segments sharing" toggle is in the "off" position to indicate "Segments not shared". To activate sharing, switch the toggle to the "on" position and click Update​.
    • If the audience segment is activated, the "Audience segments sharing" toggle is in the "on" position to indicate "Segments shared".
  6. After activating this feature, access the relevant account in Ad Exchange to confirm that Ad Manager first-party segments have been shared.
    • Ad Exchange rules: "Audience" should appear as a targeting criterion under any rule type except "Channels" and "Ad styles & backup ads".
    • Deals: "Audience" should appear as a targeting criterion under "Preferred deals" and "Private auctions".
  7. Click the Audience link in any of these locations to view the first-party audience segments created in Ad Manager.
    • Ad Manager shares only first-party audience segments with Ad Exchange. To target third-party audience segments, you need to target them in an Ad Exchange line item in Ad Manager.
    • Targeted first-party segments must contain at least 100 members (for larger lists), or 150 members (for smaller lists) in order for line items to serve to members of the segment. Learn more about requirements for first-party segments
    • PPIDs added to audience segments cannot be used for Audience Extension.

Once your Ad Manager account has been linked to your Display & Video 360 account, segments created in Ad Manager are available for use in these products. It may take approximately 24 hours for the segments to appear in Display & Video 360.

Link statuses specific to sharing first-party Audience Solutions segments

  • Segments not shared: This status appears after your Display & Video 360 account has been approved, indicating that you can share your first-party Ad Exchange segments with Ad Manager.
  • Segment sharing not possible: This status appears immediately after you've linked a Display & Video 360 account, and until your account has been approved.
  • Segment sharing status unknown: This status appears if there is a problem linking your Display & Video 360 account with your Ad Manager account. For more details, talk to your account manager.
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